The Belmont Community Group (BCG) is seeking to gauge community opinions around the restoration of the old kilns in Ascot.

In the latest edition of the Belmont Community News which hits letterboxes this week, the BCG poses the question of whether we should ‘wreck or rescue’ the old kilns. Already community members are wanting to have their say on the future of this iconic site.

The site of the old kilns in Ascot Waters is large and well located with a lot of potential. People in the community often flag innovative ideas for use of the land.

President of the BCG Cassie Rowe believes the kilns are a piece of Belmont history and should be restored. “The kilns are part of the largest site of its kind in the southern hemisphere and to preserve them we would need a strong commitment from the State Government,” said Cassie.

Long-time Cloverdale resident, Christine Miller said, “I’ve always been in favour of keeping the kilns, they are an important part of our history and heritage.”

Ascot resident Tina O’Connor, said, “the whole area is becoming an eyesore; it is demolition by neglect. The State Government needs to fund a full restoration as has been promised otherwise some alternative must be looked at.”

Cassie Rowe has written to the Premier Mr Barnett, and the Mayor and Councillors of the City of Belmont, asking that funding be set aside in their budgets to restore the kilns and upgrade the site for use as a community asset.