The State Government has been forced to dump its unpopular forced council mergers after ratepayers across Perth voiced their objections to forced amalgamations through referendums and community action.

After hearing the State Government’s announcement, Belmont Community Group (BCG) President, Cassie Rowe praised the efforts of the Belmont Community in fighting against the State Government’s merger agenda.

“This is a great victory for those in Belmont who have been fighting the unwanted and undemocratic merger from the beginning,” said Cassie Rowe.

“The Belmont Community Group and its supporters have always held out hope that the merger would be dumped and the Keep Belmont in Belmont campaign has never stopped.”

“We have had hundreds of people sign petitions, dozens of volunteers take to the streets to speak with the Belmont Community and represented the people of Belmont to the Local Government Advisory Board throughout the process.”

“I wish to publically thank the hundreds of members and supporters of the Belmont Community Group who campaigned tirelessly for over a year to oppose the merger. Thank you to our wonderful community for fighting with us through the Keep Belmont in Belmont campaign. Congratulations on your achievement,” said Cassie Rowe.