The Belmont Community Group Farmers Market Steering Committee is confident that Belmont will have its own farmers market next year.

We have a passionate group of locals who are busy working behind the scenes to get this community project up and running, and we anticipate that the market will be operational by March 2015,” said Belmont Community Group President Cassie Rowe.

When the BCG raised the idea of a Belmont Farmers Market in the last edition of Belmont Community News, more than 150 responses were received from Belmont residents who supported the idea.

The BCG then held a community forum which was attended by some 40 people, many of who put their hand up to be part of the BCG Farmers Market Steering Committee. Since that time, the committee have met regularly and plans for a Belmont Farmers Market are progressing.

“Farmers markets are a great way for locals to buy fresh, clean and cheap produce directly from the producer,” said Cassie Rowe. “Many Belmont residents regularly attend farmers markets in other areas. We would like to see them shopping at a market here in Belmont.” 

“Through the farmers market, we hope to add vibrancy to our local community and create a central meeting place for Belmont residents and families to shop, meet other locals and engage with their community.” 

“Victoria Park has had great success with their night market and weekend farmers market. There is no reason why Belmont cannot follow this example,” said Cassie Rowe.

If you’ve not already indicated your support for a Belmont Farmers market, sign the petition here or email Cassie Rowe at