Belmont Community Group (BCG) President Cassie Rowe is pleased the Government has finally decided to restore the Ascot Kilns site in response to a strong community campaign by the group.

Speaking on ABC news on Tuesday 2nd June 2015, Cassie Rowe welcomed the funding commitment of $500,000 for a feasibility study but stressed the importance of the site being developed as a community asset.

This should not be used as an opportunity by the State Government to bring about another large retail, commercial and residential development on this historical community site.

In September 2014 the BCG wrote to Premier Colin Barnett asking that the State Government set aside funding in the state budget for the restoration of the Ascot Kilns. The BCG also wrote to the Mayor and Councillors of the City of Belmont asking them to consider including funding commitments in the council budget.

In October 2014 the BCG featured an article in the Belmont Community News publication, asking residents to contact the community group with their ideas for the site. The public response was overwhelmingly in favour of restoring the kilns and redeveloping the area for use as a community asset.

“When the BCG asked local residents to put forward ideas for the future use of the site as a community asset, some really innovative ideas were raised, rather than just seeing another big commercial development. With this in mind, any restoration should be done in close consultation with the Belmont community.”

“A comprehensive restoration will require a funding commitment and Government is best placed to achieve this.”

“The BCG will continue to be actively involved to ensure real action is taken to preserve this historical asset,” said Cassie Rowe.