3rd December 2015

The Belmont Community Group (BCG) recently made a submission to the Western Australian Planning Commission in relation to the rezoning of land containing the historic Ascot Kilns.

The Commission has called for submissions on their proposal to rezone the land from ‘parks and recreation’ to ‘urban’, as part of a long term development of the site.

In their submission, the BCG argued that the Kilns site should be developed for use as a community asset, rather than simply further residential high rise.

“We have been campaigning to save the kilns for a number of years and are excited at the prospect of being involved in consultation around future development of the site,” said Cassie Rowe.

“When the BCG asked local residents to put forward ideas for the future use of the site as a community asset, some really innovative ideas were raised,” said Cassie Rowe.

“The kilns have significant historical importance for the people of Belmont and it is crucial that they be involved in the various stages of planning for the site’s development,” said BCG President Cassie Rowe. The BCG has previously written to the City of Belmont and the Premier asking that they set aside funding in their budgets to restore the historic kilns.