Belmont Community Group President Cassie Rowe wrote to the Belmont Council on 23rd October 2015, asking that they support a 24 hour police station for Belmont.

“During the recent council elections, I was pleased to see an overwhelming number of candidates declare support for a 24 hour police station,” said Cassie Rowe.

“Now is the time for our Council to put pressure on the State Government to make this happen.”

The Belmont Community Group has been lobbying for a 24 Hour Police Station in Belmont through the Make Belmont Safer campaign for two years.

“We have collected hundreds of signatures from Belmont residents who want a 24 hour police station in Belmont,” said Cassie Rowe.

“There are areas in Perth with lower rates of crime than Belmont and they have 24 hour police stations,” said Cassie Rowe. “Our community lives with high crime rates on a daily basis and we know that crime does not just happen during business hours.

“All citizens have the fundamental right to safety and security in their own home and we believe that a 24 Hour Police Station is essential to crime reduction in Belmont,” said Cassie Rowe.

“A 24 Hour Police Station is long overdue and will lead to faster police response times and a stronger police presence in Belmont.”

The Belmont Community Group hopes to get the support of the Belmont Council in their fight to secure a 24 hour police station for Belmont.